Zet Yapı

Aluminum Compozit Platten

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  • Fields :exterior frontispiece applications of buildings,

    • Enables freedom and flexibility in design,
    • Composite panel provides metal endurance. Composite panel is lighter and thinner than other facing panels.
    • It has excellent surface smoothness.
    • It has portage easiness.
    • Its repair and maintenance is easy.
    • It does not bring extra weight on the building. It is reliable in earthquakes.
    • It covers uneven surface defects.
    • It does not corrode or decays.
    • Its maintenance and cleaning are easy.
    • It does not pollute environment.
    • The raw materials used in production are recyclable.
    • It is economic with the advantages it brings in the long term.
    • It needs a short time for installation.

  • • Capable of increased rigidity and strength.
    • High performance for weather conditions and resistance against UV rays 
    • Resistance for temparature  conditions between -50 ° C + 85 ° C
    • Hard to external environmental conditions, a good degree of acidic and basic endurance performance shows.
    • Smooth and shiny surfaces
    • Easy is capable of processing.
    • Absorption properties from acoustic insulation and vibration
    • Thermal insulation and flammable properties are separated from the other composite panels.
    • Impact resistance.


    Fields :Advertising and interior

    Serbond® composite panel developed specifically for use in the advertising sector anda re coated with polyester paint system. Special optionally PVDF paint system is also used. All ral , pantone colours and NSC Serbond composite panel production are possible.
    But for optimal painting Project must be sufficient quantity.

    Serbond composite panel must ne cleaned once a year wit a mild cleaning product after take a shape .

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